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Connections & Purpose

Those that know and work with me understand that one of my greatest strengths lies in bringing order to chaos, thoughts and ideas to actions and results. Clients may be unsure of where they are headed, maybe even unsure of their plans. That space, where others may find themselves uncomfortable, is where I do my best work.

I place importance on cultivating a close working relationship with all my clients. I have had the privilege of working with people of integrity, with warm hearts and open minds. They care, really care about their customers, and I teach them how to embed that in their customer interactions throughout communications and operations. No task or concern is trivial to me if it makes your business better.

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My diverse skills mean you get a talented listener, passionate about helping others fulfill their purpose. In practical terms, it means I show you how to engage your customers, inspire your teams and co-workers, and unlock all the good ideas you’re too busy to identify in your day-to-day.

Relevant Planet Communications came from one key idea from a big sci-fi geek (me): until people live on other planets, let’s concentrate on talking to the right people on this one.

Oh, and here is the practical stuff I know to be able to do all the above:

  • 3 years customer experience: design of journey & organisation culture

  • 3 years marketing & communication

  • 5 years international events design & management

  • 8 years publishing in creative arts & writing

  • 10 years in environmental, power & construction engineering 

  • Customer Experience Specialist

  • Business Development Director

  • Communications Manager

  • Creative Consultant

  • Managing Editor of online publication

  • Project Manager

  • Environmental Engineer

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