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The First 8 Steps to Success

Every business starts with an idea. A few decades ago, that would be the whole package that defined success: a good idea at the right time. Not anymore. Today’s technology and developments place the customers in a widening circle of expectations and demands, because quality is now assumed but not enough. People expect before and after care, while customer preferences continue to shape the markets. 

Customers are willing to pay 16% more for a better customer experience.

Why is that? Because customers ask themselves three things: did they meet their needs, was it with relative ease, and did they enjoy themselves? That’s why it is important to build your business powered by Customer Experience (CX).

Here are the first few important steps that any business applies to get started:

  1. Create your business idea.

  2. Outline the values your brand represents.

  3. Identify your target audience.

  4. Define your Unique Selling Point (USP).

  5. Build a strong brand.

  6. Build a brand message.

  7. Design a customer journey.

  8. Design the touchpoints and CX.

That's the start of the road map. For more details on these steps relative to your business, idea or project, and an outline of how to successfully build or reinvent your business, contact me. 



Brand New: Branding Your Business

You have a good idea, you've put down quite a few steps down on paper, and you identified the demographic of your target customers. You even have a cool name for your new enterprise. Time to get a designed logo and get going, right?

Not quite. The branding of a business is crucial; it is the first instance of communication with customers. Besides the name and logo design, brand develops into other elements, such as mission, values, story, customer journey design, marketing, relationships, which all contribute to what the brand ultimately means to the customer. A good brand holds desirable properties, because it evokes recognition, sets your business apart from the competition, sets expectations of quality from the service or product, inspires its employees, and generates loyalty and referrals.

I’ve combined the essentials of good branding into an e-booklet for you. Download it here.

Branding 101 e-book free
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