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Customer Journey Design

Good businesses anticipate their customers’ needs and desires for them. Customer Journey Design creates these important touchpoints, the ‘onstage’ part of your business. This developed method accounts for the perspective and emotions of the customers.

What’s the first thing your customers bump into? Is it your website, your business card, your parking lot? How confident are you of the first impression they are getting? What about the second and third impression? What they feel influences what customers decide, because human experience involves emotions, whether it is realized or not. Every step with you counts towards their experience – let’s make it a good one!

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Smart Campaign

Inefficient marketing costs you time and money. You want to reach people who need your services and products, and ensure they recognize what you offer them in value.

It’s time to pinpoint who you reach as a business, what you say, how you’d like them to respond, and when you want results.  Based on performance to date, I identify your potential clients and determine an effective way to connect with them. 

Equally important are positive referrals from current customers. I ensure they get the best attention as well, so your customers give your business the best marketing possible!

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Leading Your Team

Inspiring your team and leading them compared to managing individuals or dictating tasks yields drastically different results. The theory, although simple, requires practical, real steps to apply when dealing with the people on your team. 

Team members rely on you for guidance, reassurance, direction and professional nourishment. I show you the tools that good leaders use to master self-discipline, patience, tact and, most importantly, humour!

I provide complete support, pragmatic advice and a confidential space for aspiring leaders who want to improve on a professional and personal level.

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