Well, we’ll start with you, first, because you are important to me.

You have decided to start or change something significant. Hundreds of decisions await you, and to top it off, you need to reach your customers and make sure they not only know the good news, but see how it benefits them.

That’s where I come in. Beyond a powerful communication to your customers, there are vital decisions you make that affect their experience. I help you map and design the customer journey with your business, because the way customers perceive the services and products you offer determines your success.



Customer Journey Design

Smart Campaign

Good businesses anticipate their customers’ needs and desires for them.


Customer Journey Design creates these important touchpoints, the ‘onstage’ part of your business.

This developed method accounts for the perspective and emotions of the customers.

Inefficient marketing costs you time and money.


You want to reach people who need your services and products, and ensure they recognize what you offer them in value.


It’s time to pinpoint who you reach as a business, what you say, how you’d like them to respond, and when you want to get started.



Yacht Charters

The indirect customer touchpoints via booking agents gives rise to alternate challenges for this sailing charter company expanding its fleet. The operations team realigns and adjusts relationships with agents, while the refreshed brand, marketing and communications gears up to encourage more direct trade.

The owners and partners re-acknowledge 'customer' subsets to include skippers, suppliers, booking agents, as well as emerging promotional platforms and their operators, to reinforce and improve relationship development and profiling.

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Real Estate Developments

This traditionally corporate, independent organisation aligns their touchpoints so online and offline material balances and remains concurrent. Acting as liaison between property owners and potential investors, they adjust their pitch, presentations and other relevant data to approach not just one but both sides as potential customers. 

The legal entity used historically now remains in the background so the fresh market brand takes over with relevant design, name and tagline.

Educational Programs

This overnight start-up went beyond word of mouth with fastidiously coordinated updates on social media to increase enrollment threefold. The unique teaching approach through drama, dance and music was shared via classroom footage, visually coded fractal data and animations to educate and inform parents and inspire their children to  join dedicated extra- curricular groups.

The founder and partners are now in a position to franchise the activities for toddlers and school pupils.